Hi, Noah here 👋

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I’m a techno-optimist who’s in love with life and wants to help build a better world through better connection and better technology. I value curiosity, optimism, passion, and growth.

As a result of aggressively going deep in many areas, I consider myself a product-focused generalist. I think it’s a superpower to be able to refine and implement ideas at the speed of synapses rather than a large team.

Most recently, I started Eureka Health to fix clinical trials by making them much cheaper, faster, and a better experience for patients. We raised millions and impacted tens of thousands of patients. I was an early engineer and product manager at Forward, where I helped build the Bodyscanner from scratch, establish our first clinic, and improve our growth and clinical excellence. I was a data scientist at Microsoft working on special projects in the AI & Research division, acting as the bridge between ML research and the new products we were shipping. Before that I was doing research at Harvard and MIT and published 5 papers on biomaterials and drug development, with a total of 600+ citations.

When I'm not working, I'm probably cycling, running, reading, hanging out in my community house, playing the piano, or backpacking in the mountains.

Thanks for reading, and please reach out if you'd like to chat (Twitter DMs are open)!