Noah MacCallum

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I value curiosity and growth, and dream of a future where technology will free us of death, earth, bias and other limitations. I love finding truth through data, writing, playing piano, running, experimenting with culture and vulnerability, and dreaming big with friends.

I did research for two years before spending the next two at Microsoft. I’m a Nanotech Engineering grad from the University of Waterloo class of 2015. In school I published some research and started a couple student organizations. Now I'm a data scientist on an awesome team at Microsoft.

I love organizing people and ideas to deliver something real. My ultimate goal is to use software to unlock the possibilities of the human body. I draw inspiration from those who sacrifice everything for the greater good. I find beauty in pushing limits.

I've recently moved to San Francisco to work on important problems in healthcare, working with an inspiring team at Forward.

Why so plain? I was inspired by a friend. There is beauty in simplicity.