Noah MacCallum

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I value curiosity and growth, and dream of a future where technology will free us of death, suffering, bias, and other limitations.

Professionally, I’ve built expertise in a wide variety of disciplines. Product is my strongest skillset: at Forward I dramatically improved company-level growth, economics, and medical quality metrics, and at Microsoft I’ve launched exciting new products on an incubation team. I’ve gone deep on software engineering at Forward, building new systems to increase efficiency of care delivery, and creating new experiences with medical devices and data, and ML and Data Science at Microsoft, being a key resource for all analysis and ML needs. I’ve also done academic research at Harvard and MIT, working on various medical device projects, stem cells, and pharmaceuticals. I was fortunate enough to co-author five papers, with a combined 500+ citations.

When I'm not working, I'm probably cycling, reading, journaling, hanging out in my community house, or backpacking in the mountains.

I care deeply about applying technology to healthcare and education to simultaneously improve quality, improve access, and decrease cost. I'm exploring new ideas, please reach out if you'd like to chat.

Why so plain? I was inspired by a friend. There is beauty in simplicity.